Road transport

15 September 2023
CLECAT policy response on the Weights & Dimensions Directive
14 October 2022
CLECAT Position Paper on the revision of the Weights and Dimensions Directive
20 July 2021
CLECAT-DSLV Joint Position Paper on Delegated Act on Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas (SSTPAs)
26 March 2020
Joint Recommendations to Support Health and Safety in Road Freight Transport in the Wake of COVID-19
16 September 2019
CLECAT Position on the EP Reports on the Social & Market Pillars of Mobility Package I
11 June 2018
Joint Position on the review of the Combined Transport Directive
14 May 2018
Industry Urges EP Transport Experts to Keep International Drivers Out of Posting Regime
20 April 2018
CLECAT Position Paper on the Revision of the Combined Transport Directive
20 March 2018
Call on the European Parliament to Maintain EU Single Market for Road Transport - International Drivers are Not Posted Workers
20 March 2018
No Change to Weekly Rest Without Appropriate Parking Infrastructure
13 October 2017
CLECAT Position on internal market and social issues - Mobility Package
18 September 2017
CLECAT Position Paper on Road Charging - Eurovignette proposal
03 May 2017
CLECAT position on Road Transport in the European Single Market
19 December 2016
CLECAT position on Social Legislation in Road Freight Transport
16 September 2016
CLECAT calls for Simplication Cabotage Rules
26 September 2013
Position paper on Directive 96/53/EC defining the maximum weights and dimensions in road transport
27 March 2013
CLECAT position on access to the road haulage market (review of Regulation 1071/2009 and 1072/2009)
26 January 2012
CLECAT publishes position paper on recording equipment in road transport
21 November 2011
Reply to the EC consultation on reducing CO2 emissions from road vehicles
30 September 2011
CLECAT responds to the EC consultation on review of the internal market in road freight transport