20 July 2021

CLECAT-DSLV Joint Position Paper on Delegated Act on Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas (SSTPAs)

CLECAT and DSLV, who are both members of the European Commission's Exper Group on Safe and Secure Parking Areas (SSTPAs) strongly support the EU SSTPA standard, as well as the significant work which DG MOVE has been undertaking in view of finalising the Delegated Act. Our members have a keen interest in advancing the standards for safe and secure truck parking areas in Europe, without having a financial interest in the setup and/or operation of the parking areas themselves. We believe that in order to ensure the best results, the Delegated Act should be as specific as possible, leaving no space for misinterpretation. Overall, a balanced approach should be respected, ensuring cost-efficiency, especially for the lower entry levels, whilst providing an adequate level of security according to each category.

The attached position paper sets out CLECAT and DSLV's priorities concerning the Draft Delegated Act on SSTPAs.