Working Bodies

CLECAT’s institutes and working bodies

Technical expertise and advisory input comes from the working bodies and institutes in CLECAT. These institutes are made up and chaired by experts from the member associations and co-ordinated by the CLECAT staff.

Customs and Indirect Taxation Institute
Chair — Mr. Jean-Francois Auzéau (TLF)
Vice-Chair — Mr. Mattias Hermansson (SIFA)

Rail Logistics Institute
Chair — Mr. Johan Gemels (CEB)
Vice-Chair — Mr. Tomas Arvidsson (SIFA)

Road Logistics Institute
Chair — Mr. Igor Sep (GZS)
Vice-Chair — Mr. Vito Castelli (FEDESPEDI)

Air Logistics Institute
Chair — Mr. Mike Jones (BIFA)
Vice-Chair — Mr. Lothar Moehle (DSLV)

Maritime Logistics Institute
Chair — Dr. António Nabo Martins (APAT)
Vice-Chair — Mr. Juliusz Skurewicz (PIFFA)

Supply Chain Security Institute
Chair — Mr. Olivier Layec (TLF)
Vice-Chair — Mr. Andreas Wilhelm (DSLV)

Sustainable Logistics Institute
Chair — Mr. Mårten Sjölin (SIFA)
Vice-Chair — Mr. Tariel Chamerois (TLF)