14 October 2022

CLECAT Position Paper on the revision of the Weights and Dimensions Directive

CLECAT, the European Association for Forwarding, Transport, Logistics and Customs Services, welcomes the initiative to revise Directive 96/53/EC, setting standards for the maximum authorised weights and dimensions of heavy-duty vehicles used in national and international transport. In line with the EU climate ambitions and to alleviate the structural shortage of drivers affecting road transport supply chains, the revision of the Directive should contribute to a more efficient and low-emission transport system and harmonised rules for cross-border operations.

CLECAT observes that the discrepancy between the maximum authorised weights in some Member States’ territory and maximum authorised weight for cross-border transport hinders the free movement of goods, leading to inefficiencies and higher emissions. This makes the Directive no longer aligned with new EU priorities such as decarbonisation of transport. This position paper provides some proposals for amendments of the Directive which CLECAT considers crucial to face the current and upcoming challenges of the road transport industry.