26 March 2020

Joint Recommendations to Support Health and Safety in Road Freight Transport in the Wake of COVID-19

ESC and CLECAT reach out to drivers, road hauliers, logistics service providers, consignors, and consignees to work together to diminish the impact of COVID-19 at loading and unloading sites, follow the recommendations outlined below and use common sense to protect themselves and others.

To alleviate the unprecedented crisis situation in the road transport sector, the European associations representing shippers, freight forwarders and logistics service providers, call on the Member States to support truck drivers, currently exposed to extremely difficult circumstances. Drivers are indispensable in overcoming the COVID-19 outbreak by ensuring the continuous provision of critical food, medical and industrial supplies that keep countries and society operational. They deserve much needed protection and adequate facilities in order to do their job. Moreover, trustworthy communication between the parties is essential. It should therefore be ensured that at least the basic facilities and minimum conditions for drivers at loading and unloading sites are available.

The associations welcome the newly published European Commission’s practical recommendations for drivers and transport undertakings on the need to respect specific hygiene, social distancing, and other health and safety rules at loading and unloading locations in the wake of COVID-19.

In line with the Commission’s guidelines and the Danish industry recommendations, ESC and CLECAT encourage the supply chain partners to ensure the availability and accessibility of the necessary basic facilities for the drivers at loading and unloading sites, as well as respectful cooperation and better coordination between the parties.

Accordingly, the specific recommendations on handling goods at loading and unloading sites, designed for both consignors and consignees, as well as drivers and hauliers, are outlined in the document attached below.

For more information:

Ms Nicolette van der Jagt 
Director General

Mr Godfried Smit
Secretary General