18 September 2017

CLECAT Position Paper on Road Charging - Eurovignette proposal

CLECAT has adopted a position paper on the proposed revisions of the Directives on the charging of heavy duty vehicles for the use of certain roads (a.k.a. the Eurovignette Directive), charging as regards certain provisions on vehicle taxation, and on the European Electronic Tolling System.

The position paper supports the extension of distance-based road charging, differentiated by environmental impact, to all vehicles, and to roads beyond the TEN-T, in order to guarantee a level-playing field. The paper argues for strict conditions for the application of congestion charges and other additional charges, which are only acceptable to CLECAT members if applied on a non-discriminatory basis.

Revenues from road-charging must be earmarked for investment in infrastructure to increase efficiency and relieve congestion, thus relieving the problems which charging is intended to address. The implementation of an interoperable electronic charging system is furthermore essential to the effective realisation of the Commission's road-charging objectives.

The paper may be found at the below link.