Press releases

08 July 2014
CLECAT Manifesto: Recommendations for unlocking the Transport Single Market in support of an efficient and sustainable EU Freight Policy
CLECAT, the European association of freight forwarders, logistics service providers and customs, calls upon the newly installed EU decision makers to deliver a sustainable, business-friendly policy framework on freight transport logistics.
16 June 2014
Joint press release: Freight forwarders’ connectivity should not be chained
On Friday 13 June, CLECAT and FIATA, representing freight forwarders on the European and international level, presented their views on the "Role of freight forwarders and logistics in intermodal transport chains" at a workshop of UNECE in Brussels.
26 March 2014
Stakeholders call upon Member States to support the facilitation of intermodal transport
The European Shippers' Council (ESC), the European association of freight forwarders and logistics service providers (CLECAT) and the European Intermodal Association (EIA) have issued a letter urging the Council of the EU to amend the EU regulation on 45-foot containers in support of intermodal transport.
27 February 2014
4th Railway Package - CLECAT disappointed by First Reading Position of the European Parliament
CLECAT has expressed its disappointment about the European Plenary vote on the 4th Railway Package.
10 February 2014
4th Railway Package - Open letter to the attention of Members of the European Parliament
Two weeks prior to the vote in Plenary on the Fourth Railway Package new amendments put forward by incumbent railway undertakings and their representing organization risk to jeopardize the balanced agreement reached by the TRAN committee on the 17th December 2013.  CLECAT, ERFA and ESC call for the rejection of the amendments which threaten the good work done so far.
21 January 2014
Port services: Open letter to the attention of the MEPs of the TRAN Committee
Port users urge Members of the European Parliament Transport Committee to vote for a Ports Regulation which covers all port services, respects market functioning and ensures correct implementation of the basic Treaty principles. Many of the tabled amendments will make the proposal superfluous and should therefore not be supported.
11 December 2013
4th Railway Package: Open letter to the attention of the MEPs of the TRAN Committee
Some days before a strategic vote on the 4th Railway package, some MEPs – supported by incumbents – are bringing amendments which may lead to an unacceptable set back of the European Railway reform. CLECAT, ERFA and ESC consider it as a sabotage action towards fullfilment of the European railway reform.
02 December 2013
Press Release: FFF2013 “Innovative Solutions in Logistics: from Strategy to Reality"
CLECAT, the European Association for forwarding, transport, logistics and customs services held its 13th annual event under the theme “Innovative Solutions in Logistics: from Strategy to Reality”on Thursday 28th of November in Antwerp. 
10 October 2013
Freight Forwarders welcome Global Agreement on Aviation Emissions
FIATA and CLECAT are pleased that the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) reached a decision on a mechanism to reduce aviation emissions. On Friday, 4 October in Montreal ICAO's 38th General Assembly agreed to come up with a global market based measure (MBM) for international aviation for implementation from 2020. The aim is to have 'carbon neutral growth from 2020 and halving emission by 2020 based on 2005 levels.'
01 October 2013
CLECAT calls on Council not to undermine the European authorisation process through leading NSAs!
CLECAT, the Brussels based organisation representing the interests of freight forwarders and logistics service providers, calls on the Council to make real progress on the Safety Directive and the European Railway Agency (ERA) Regulation.  CLECAT believes that the only possible way towards a Single European Railway Area is through ERA acting as a one stop-shop for the vehicle and ERTMS authorisation, and Safety Certification.  In line with recent calls from the railway industry, CLECAT rejects alternative approaches, such as the one currently being developed by some Member States which propose NSAs cooperating amongst themselves as “leading NSA”.   CLECAT fears that such an approach, that will be discussed in the near future under the Lithuanian Presidency, would undermine the concept of a European authorisation.