21 May 2019

'Logistics for Europe' Initiative Becomes European

Following the launch of the website ‘Logistics for Europe’ in August last year by the German Freight Forwarders’ Association DSLV, today the baton was passed to CLECAT, the European Freight Forwarders’ Association. The initiative has received the full support of the wider European freight forwarders’ community.  Since the launch of the website last year, more than 130 companies and associations in Germany gave their support to the industry campaign which emphasises the importance of the European Union for society and economy, while advocating the need of a border-free Europe.

Commenting on the initiative, CLECAT's Director General Nicolette van der Jagt said: 'Those who believe that the solution to social and economic challenges in Europe would entail turning away from the common European idea and returning to nation-state protectionism must not be left to their own devices. Instead, business needs a stronger Europe through further opening of markets and harmonisation, as well as removing barriers instead of creating new ones. Creating a fully integrated transport sector will translate into improved logistics chains, greater environmental sustainability, enhanced internal cohesion and increased competitiveness of the EU on the global stage. Europe is the world’s most globally connected region and a leader in trade flows and the movement of people. The EU should continue to lead the way by remaining a world champion of open and free trade, as well as an engine for growth.'

DSLV’s Director General Frank Huster added: 'Our members feel strongly about the need for a Single Market without import restrictions, customs formalities and border controls. Before the establishment of the European Union, the logistics sector was faced with countless hours of waiting time at the borders due to the significant amount of formalities that had to be taken care of. Through the free movement of goods and the freedom of establishment in the EU, transport companies and their clients can avoid high administrative burdens and expensive waiting times, which ultimately results in a benefit for the consumer.'

Companies and associations supporting the cause and setting a sign for an open Europe are invited to provide their logo to the initiative through this link.

For further questions, please contact:

Nicolette van der Jagt
Director General
+32 2503 4705