19 July 2019

CLECAT Welcomes Alternative Arrangements Report

CLECAT has welcomed the UK’s Alternative Arrangements Commission (AAC) Report which was published yesterday, the 18th July in London. The independent Commission, consisting of approximately 50 UK Members of Parliament, supported by a panel of customs and trade experts, has sought to develop credible and practical Alternative Arrangements ensuring there is no hard border in Ireland when the UK leaves the EU.  

CLECAT welcomes the Report as it is aligned with its efforts and initiatives to prevent a no-deal scenario, to limit any disruption in trade and transport to a minimum and to achieve a pragmatic and realistic future relationship between the EU and the UK.

Dominique Willems, CLECAT’s Senior Manager and Member of the UK Government’s Alternative Arrangements Advisory Group, noted following the launch of the Report which he attended: ‘the Report is an important contribution to the UK’s political process for adoption of the Withdrawal Agreement and further negotiations between the UK and EU on the future relationship. It provides an overview for political decision makers of possible solutions to the Irish border question, which are based on exiting EU legislation, border procedures and technology, while respecting the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement. We can only wholeheartedly support this work.’

He continued: 'there is no silver bullet to resolve the Irish border issue. However, the Report does demonstrate that with realistic and pragmatic solutions, the Irish Backstop will never have to be triggered. It will take substantial efforts to implement these solutions with the support of all stakeholders involved.  The only other option is a no-deal Brexit, which will be way more costly to businesses and damaging to both the UK and Irish economies.’

CLECAT is the European organisation representing the interests of thousands of Freight Forwarders, Logistics Service Providers and Customs Brokers from across Europe. These companies together handle approximately 70% of all transport and 80% of all customs procedures in Europe. Therefore, the industry plays a crucial role in global supply chains and the fulfillment of trade compliance rules and regulations.

For further questions, please contact:

Dominique Willems
Senior Manager
+32 49 225 1215