01 April 2020

Briefing and Industry Recommendations Paper on Demurrage and Detention Practices in Shipping

CLECAT has issued a paper, which calls for a more transparent process with regards to the determination of detention and demurrage practices in container shipping. The paper collects information on D&D practices, which are of concern to freight forwarders in different parts of Europe as well as on a global level. On the basis of the discussions and the exchange of practices among its members, CLECAT has also drafted a number of industry recommendations.

Although there is no binding regulation controlling the business practices in relation to D&D, several initiatives are taking place at global level, aiming to provide guidance and best practices in the industry. In Europe, the D&D-related issues are increasingly addressed via the precedent-setting court cases. Accordingly, this paper provides a summary of the recent developments with regards to D&D practises in Europe and globally, with a view to creating awareness on the issue from the freight forwarders’ perspective.

The paper can be downloaded by clicking the link below.