12 April 2020

CLECAT Position Paper - Evaluation of Groundhandling Directive

CLECAT, the European association for forwarding, transport, logistics and customs services, is the leading voice on freight forwarding and logistics at the EU level in Brussels. We represent and are supported by 26 member organisations, working to promote a sound approach to transport and logistics across Europe, in support of the competitiveness of our industry.

The members of CLECAT are responsible for handling 95% of all air cargo and are, as such, the vital link between exporters/importers of goods and transport operators, such as air carriers. CLECAT members have a keen interest in a modern, innovative air freight sector which guarantees choice, quality, connectivity, transparency and fair competition. Many freight forwarders have offices in or at the airports and, as users of air freight, are dependent on high-quality, efficient and reliable groundhandling services. CLECAT therefore welcomes the European Commission’s initiative to assess the Groundhandling (GH) Directive.

The full position paper can be found below.