16 June 2014
Freight Forwarders Forum 2014
Envisioning the Future of Logistics: Challenges and Solutions Explored
29 November 2013
Freight Forwarders' Forum 2013 - presentations
Following the successful conclusion of our annual Freight Forwarders' Forum, the CLECAT Secretariat has now uploaded the presentations that were given during the three panels of the conference.
30 September 2013
6th European Conference on ICT for Transport Logistics (ECITL)
The 6th ECITL 2013 will put innovation in Transport Logistics in the centre of the conference. The goal is to identify the upcoming logistics challenges while taking into account solutions in development.Topics which will be discussed: The future role of logistics for the pan-European economy Innovation obstacles in the logistics sector Expected Impact of European project solutions on the logistics industry The impact of regulations on the innovation capability of the logistics industry Fostering the uptake of sustainable logistics operations Explore the potential of intelligent cargo solutions Identify and define the role of new Information and Communication Technology solutions for logistics operations
27 August 2013
Freight Forwarders Forum 2013
  CLECAT 2013 Freight Forwarders ForumInnovative Solutions in Logistics: from Strategy to Reality28 NOVEMBER 2013 KBC Tower - ANTWERP  
25 April 2013
i-Cargo Workshop on Logistic Data Infrastructures
The iCargo project is organising a workshop on logistic data infrastructures in Munich, Germany, on the 4th of June. The workshop will deal with the challenges, potential solutions and busness models that are associated with logistic data infrastructures. CLECAT is a consortium partner of the iCargo project. The project acts on the assumption that logistics represents a vital link between the economies in Europe and is fundamental to conduct business in today's international supply networks. At the same time novel ICT infrastructures offer unprecedented capabilities to capture, analyze and exchange data across the supply chain. Through the intelligent use of information, the potential of global logistics networks can be maximized, reducing the underutilization of logistics resources and the ecological as well as economical impacts of this underutilization.   CLECAT recommends all members and interested parties to register for and participate in the event.   More information on the agenda and how to register is available here.
15 March 2013
CLECAT supports TOC Container Supply Chain: Europe 2013
The TOC Container Supply Chain Europe exhibition and conferences attract over 2000 industry professionals from more than 30 countries, including senior executives from throughout the container supply chain: shippers, 3PLs/NVOCCs, shipping lines, ports, terminals, inland transport, finance and other stakeholder groups.
11 October 2012
5th European Conference on ICT for Transport Logistics (ECITL '12)
The 5th European Conference on ICT for transport logistics will be held from November 7th-9th, in Gothenburg, Sweden.During the conference, iCargo and other EU-funded projects dealing with topics in transport logistics like e-Freight, CO3 and Cassandra will offer their point of view about different aspects in the field. The target audience includes everybody involved in logistics planning and operations, e.g., logistics operators, shippers, industry, infrastructure providers and authorities.
27 April 2012
CLECAT supports TOC Container Supply Chain: Europe 2012
Reliability, Capacity & Efficiency: Improving container supply chain performance in an era of volatility and change is the conference theme for 2012. More information on the event can be found here: A special rate has been agreed upon for CLECAT members. To receive the discount, please use this link for registration:
25 April 2012
ITF - CLECAT/FIATA side event on E-Documents for Co-modal Transport of Goods
The International Transport Forum at the OECD is an international strategic think tank for the transport sector. Each year, it organises an “invitation only” Summit that brings together Ministers from the Forum’s 53 member countries, along with leading decision-makers and actors from the private sector, representatives of civil society and research. At the 2012 Summit, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) and European Association for Forwarding, Transport, Logistic and Customs Services (CLECAT) are jointly organising a side event titled "E-Documents for Co-modal Transport of Goods", at which they hope you may be able to attend. The event is on 2 May from 10:00 to 13:30 and is part of the Summit’s programme. Further information on this event as well as details regarding Summit keynote speakers, plenary and expert sessions and their panellists may be found at the dedicated website: The programme for the FIATA/CLECAT event, which includes more information and the list of speakers, can be found here: CLECAT/FIATA side event on E-Documents for Co-modal Transport of Goods
05 January 2012
Final DiSCwise Conference
Why DiSCwise? DiSCwise is a European pilot action that aims to improve the information exchange between stakeholders in the transport and logistics sector and to operationally assist them in building digital supply chains with a co-modal approach. It is a project with a strong SME focus.