10 October 2013

CLECAT/DSLV guidelines to calculate CO2 emissions

CLECAT has published a guide entitled ‘Calculating GHG emissions for freight forwarders and logistics services'. The guide is a practical tool for freight forwarders and logistics service providers that seek to make use of CEN standard EN 16258, covering a "Methodology for calculation and declaration of energy consumption and GHG emissions of transport services” in order to determine their environmental footprint and seek ways to reduce it.

Anyone with experience in the measuring of the carbon footprint of logistics knows that this can be complicated, not the least because up to now there has been no standard way of doing it.  CLECAT is convinced that this standardised calculation methodology will benefit industry, facilitate communication on the results and enable comparisons of energy consumptions and GHG emissions of different transport operations realised by companies.

CLECAT thanks the DSLV for the opportunity to publish the updated English version of the guidelines for its Members and other interested parties.


The full document is available here:
CLECAT/DSLV Guidlines on calculating GHG emissions for freight forwarders and logistics services

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