16 June 2014

FIATA/CLECAT Joint position paper on the Role of freight forwarders and logistics in intermodal transport chains

The Working Party on Intermodal Transport and Logistics (WP24) organised an UNECE Workshop, in Brussels on 12 and 13 June, to discuss and review the role of freight forwarders and logistics in intermodal transport chains.

CLECAT and FIATA participated to this workshop and also submitted a joint position paper in order to express the views of the freight forwarding sector on the paper received from the UNECE Secretariat in preparation of this meeting and briefly presented by the UNECE at the FIATA HQ meeting on 22nd of March.

CLECAT and FIATA, as representatives of freight forwarders on the European and international level, recognise the importance of transport policy which should provide the appropriate regulatory framework, adequate investments in transport infrastructure and ensure that the required skills for private and public actors are available. If these imperatives are properly satisfied transport policy can provide the basis for efficient, sustainable, safe and secure freight transport and mobility as well as contribute to ensuring a level playing field for all industries affected.

The full joint position paper is available here.

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