25 September 2020

CLECAT Position on Enabling a Transition towards Sustainable, Smart & Resilient Mobility

CLECAT has welcomed an opportunity to offer some industry insights on the European Commission’s evaluation of its ‘Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a Competitive and Resource Efficient Transport System’ (the 2011 Transport White Paper) and also on the ambition of the European Green Deal to put forward a comprehensive EU Strategy for Sustainable and Smart Mobility.

CLECAT has therefore submitted its response earlier this week to the public consultation on the future of transport, run by DG MOVE, and published an accompanying position paper, in which it sets out the needs and objectives of European freight forwarders and logistics service providers, seeking to provide some further vision on how to enable a shift to sustainable mobility, harness digital technologies and build a resilient transport system in the EU.

In the paper, CLECAT reiterates that the freight forwarding and logistics industry is fully committed to ambitious EU decarbonisation goals contained in the European Green Deal and is willing to actively contribute to the substantial reduction of GHG emissions from its transport and logistics operations through smart and innovative solutions.

According to CLECAT, the new policies of the European Commission and the Member States should support the transition towards the carbon-neutral transport system in the EU by introducing specific instruments and incentives that reinforce sustainable logistics-focused strategies and initiatives undertaken by the industry. These measures must be designed in a smart and proportionate way, with the least possible impact on trade and the free movement of goods in the EU.

Ultimately, CLECAT maintains that appropriate funding, both public and private, is key to realise the proposed measures and support investments in new technologies, sustainable alternative fuels and infrastructure solutions, without which the ambitions of the EU Green Deal will not be reached.

The full position paper can be found attached below.