12 December 2018
LEARN Industry Survey Results on Logistics Emissions Accounting and Reporting
The LEARN project's survey results on the barriers, needs and priorities on calculation and reporting of GHG emissions in the logistics sector have been published.
27 November 2018
Industry Urges Member States to Reject the Austrian Proposal on Lex Specialis
The representatives of shippers, freight forwarders and express carriers express their concern on the adverse impact of the Austrian proposal on transport and logistics operations as well as on the environment.
19 October 2018
CLECAT Position Paper on the Proposal for a Regulation on Electronic Freight Transport Information (eFTI)
CLECAT published its Position Paper on the European Commission's proposal for a Regulation on electronic Freight transport information (eFTI), which is part of the third Mobility Package. Through this proposal the Commission wants to establish a fully digital environment for information exchange in freight transport, replacing paper transport documents, which will facilitate digital information flows for logistic operations.
02 July 2018
Vote for TRAN Report
The vote on 4th July will be decisive in shaping the way in which international road transport will be performed within the EU. Therefore, the transport industry urges MEPs to exclude international transport from the rules on posting.
28 June 2018
Mutual Declaration on Posting of Drivers
CLECAT and the transport industry across the EU urge decision-makers to exclude international transport from the scope of the Posting of Workers Directive
13 June 2018
Industry Urges European Parliament to Support TRAN Mandate on the Mobility Package
The under-signed represent the shippers, freight forwarders and express carriers whose customers strongly depend on an effective, seamless and reliable road transport sector in Europe. New rules on road freight transport now under review in Council and Parliament need to be simple, uniform, clear and easily enforceable, so that they facilitate transport operations, protect the workers employed in this industry and ensure a fair competitive environment.
05 June 2018
Transport and logistics sector welcomes EP TRAN's decision to keep international drivers out of posting regime
Transport and logistics sector welcomes the adoption by the TRAN Committee of the amendment exempting drivers engaging in international road transport operations from any posting regime, and urges all MEPs as well as the Council to follow suit and confirm as soon as possible that international road transport activities cannot made subject to posting of workers rules.
04 June 2018
Industry urges EP Transport experts to keep international drivers out of posting regime
14 May 2018
Industry Urges EP Transport Experts to Keep International Drivers out of Posting Regime
YES to enforceability & the EU Internal Market – NO to the EMPL vote
27 April 2018
Final CORE Event - The Supply Chain Unchained
ESC and CLECAT held a successful final CORE event in Brussels on 11 April 2018. Shippers, freight forwarders, transport providers, and authorities came together to demonstrate the tangible outcomes of the CORE project and how these can positively impact the future in delivering trusted and transparent supply chains.