13 July 2012

CLECAT welcomes Commission statement “No place for TIR carnets in EU Internal Market”

CLECAT has welcomed the European Commission's clear statement on the EU transit procedure which offers a wide range of options to its users and leaves them the choice of how a guarantee is provided to customs. The Commission has no intention to respond to a call from the road industry to turn the clock back by allowing TIR carnets for EU internal transport.

Commissioner for Taxation and the Customs Union Mr Šemeta has stated that there is no need, neither from a legal nor from a customs policy point of view, to revert to a situation which predated the introduction of the internal market. Moreover, the absence of internal borders excludes the possibility to use TIR carnets for EU internal transports. Mr Šemeta also stated his disagreement with allegations about a privileged position of certain companies in relation to financial guarantees.

Nicolette van der Jagt, Director-General of CLECAT, stressed there are no restrictions as to the person or category of persons entitled to lodge Community/Common transit declarations. Turning the clock backwards by re-introducing the TIR procedures between two points on EU territory is clearly no option.

Note: for more information on the Commission statement the website of the European Parliament refers - see here.

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