12 July 2012

CLECAT launches new website

In the interests of a closer communication with members, other industry partners and policy makers over the development of policies on the range of issues covered by its members, CLECAT launched its new website today: www.clecat.org


Marc Huybrechts, President of CLECAT said: "I am confident that this new site will work towards raising the awareness amongst industry on the issues and developments that affect the movement of the freight and showing people they can get further information, guidance and advice from the Brussels representation of the freight forwarding and logistics industry, whether that be issues relating to freight security, customs barriers to trade, environmental issues or any other issue or bottleneck to the industry. The new website also presents a refreshed CLECAT logo: overall this will create a better and more comprehensive understanding of the nature of the business in which our members are in."

For further information contact

Nicolette van der Jagt
Director General
Mob + 32 497 484570
Email nicolettevdjagt@clecat.org

URL: http://www.clecat.org

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