05 February 2013

CLECAT urges European leaders to safeguard Transport Infrastructure Budget

In anticipation of the EU Summit later this week in Brussels, CLECAT, the European organisation of freight forwarders and logistics service providers, is calling on European Heads of State and Government to guarantee the 31.7 billion Euro foreseen for Europe's transport infrastructure investments under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). European leaders will be making another attempt, following failure to reach agreement in November last year, to make a deal on the Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF), the overall European budget for the years 2014-2020 and the budgets to be allocated to the different policies.

CLECAT's Director General Nicolette van der Jagt said: "If the EU wants a transport infrastructure network that can meet traffic demand and support economic activity, it needs to secure the proposed TEN-T budget which is aimed at financing a concrete transport infrastructure plan, that will benefit all transport modes, Member States and regions. We realise that all governments are facing budgetary constraints, but this is a much needed investment for Europe. A seamless European transport network in the first place strengthens the internal cohesion of the EU but also facilitates many other sectors, including agriculture. An integrated transport network, linking national infrastructure to core infrastructure along trans-European freight corridors is of vital importance to the success of the economy. Achieving a complete and integrated resource-efficient and sustainable transport network must be seen as an essential investment to create growth and jobs in the European Union."

For more information please contact:

Nicolette van der Jagt
CLECAT – The European Voice of Freight Forwarders and Logistics
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