31 January 2013

CLECAT has mixed feelings on 4th Railway Package

CLECAT has welcomed the publication of the long awaited 4th Railway Package but is, however,  disappointed with the fact that the Commission has backtracked from its initial intention to impose separation of the infrastructure management and railway operations.  The new proposal allows incumbent operators to keep their holding structures, making separation ‘optional’.

Nicolette van der Jagt, Director General of CLECAT said:  “the Commission has clearly considered the political ramifications of its proposals and settled for something which falls far shorter of what we were hoping for, namely, full unbundling in all cases.”   The separation of the Infrastructure Manager from the Railway Undertaking would have represented the quickest and most efficient way of revitalising the industry and creating a level playing field between rail operators. This is the model that also applies to other modes of transport where the provider of the services is totally independent from the public party that is in charge of the infrastructure.”  CLECAT, representing a large part of the customers in rail freight, is of the opinion that such an approach would provide a level playing field across the modes.

CLECAT fully supports proposals to enhance powers for the European Railway Agency to establish the much needed one-stop-shop approval process.  Lengthy and costly procedures for railway rolling stock impedes the creation of a Single European Railway Area and adds unacceptable additional costs for operators.   A one-stop-shop type approval of railway rolling stock certified across the Single European Railway Area is needed.

Aware of the fact that rail can and must play a more substantial role in the supply chain, CLECAT supports those proposals that will ultimately enhance the quality of rail services, through better performance.  Ms van der Jagt concluded: “We will study the Commission's proposals in more detail, but, for us, making the railway sector more efficient through enhanced competition and quality is key.”   We remain at the disposal of the European Parliament and any other interested parties for any further information about our views on the Fourth Railway Package.

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