26 May 2023


On 16 May, the European Commission signed high-level agreements with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia to extend and adapt the Trans-European transport Network (TEN-T) to encompass the Western Balkans. By expanding the network to include the Western Balkans, the EU aims to foster greater integration and cohesion in the transportation sector with its Balkan partners. 

The signing of these agreements took place at the Connectivity Summit held in Budva, Montenegro, which brought together professionals and political stakeholders from both the EU and the Western Balkan region. At the event, Transport Commissioner V─âlean emphasised the importance of the signed agreements, highlighting that they lay the foundation for integrating the transport network of the Western Balkans into the EU's existing infrastructure. Furthermore, they are expected to facilitate the development of sustainable and resource-efficient transport connectivity between the EU and the countries in the Western Balkan region. 

In addition to enhancing transport connectivity, the integration of the Western Balkans' transport networks into the TEN-T has broader implications. More specifically, it will play a vital role in preparing EU candidate countries and potential candidates for their future accession to the EU, as it will align their transport networks with the established EU standard.

Source: European Commission