21 December 2023


On 18 December, in response to Russia’s continuing war of aggression against Ukraine, the Council adopted a twelfth package of new measures. The agreed package includes a series of measures intended to target high-value sectors of the Russian economy and make it more difficult to circumvent EU sanctions.

The new package mandates EU exporters to include contractual provisions prohibiting the re-exportation to Russia and use in Russia of highly sensitive goods and technology. This applies when selling, supplying, transferring, or exporting to a third country, excluding partner countries. The clause specifically addresses prohibited items present in Russian military systems on the battlefield in Ukraine or crucial to the development, production, or utilization of such Russian military systems, including aviation goods and weapons.

Sanctions against entities supporting Russia's military-industrial complex in its war against Ukraine have been expanded, with tighter export restrictions applying to 29 newly added entities involved in the circumvention of trade restrictions. The list of restricted items has also been broadened to include chemicals, lithium batteries, and machinery parts.

Lastly, stricter compliance rules to enforce the oil price cap and counteract circumvention are included. This involves strengthening information-sharing mechanisms to identify vessels and entities engaged in deceptive practices, such as ship-to-ship transfers and AIS manipulations, during the transportation of Russian crude oil and petroleum products.

Source: Council of the EU