26 May 2023


The European Clean Trucking Alliance (ECTA), of which CLECAT is a member, and the International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport (UIRR) issued a joint position paper on the use of zero-emission trucks in combined transport operations.

The paper notes that the revision of the Combined Transport Directive (expected in July) gives the opportunity to ECTA and UIRR to highlight that zero-emission trucks can deliver concrete benefits when used in the road-leg part of combined transport operations. As such, additional measures should be considered to incentivise their use: intermodal freight terminals should be equipped with (semi-) public DC opportunity charging stations for battery-electric trucks, initial and final leg of the transport operation done by zero-emission trucks should be exempted from traffic bans, and indirect financial support measures could also be introduced.

The paper was sent this week to Commissioner Adina Valean to call on the Commission to introduce these suggested measures in the upcoming proposal to revise the Combined Transport Directive.

Source: ECTA