26 May 2023


On 16 May, CLECAT organised a webinar on the electronic Freight Transport Information (eFTI) Regulation. The main objective of the webinar was to create a common understanding of how to incorporate eFTI in business operations and how freight forwarders should plan for this to reap the benefits.  Presentations were received from Mr Villu Varjas (Policy Officer, DG MOVE) and Mr Alexio Picco (Managing Director at Circle Group, eFTI Technical Support Leader for DG MOVE), followed by a Q&A session. 

The objective of the eFTI Regulation is to give the possibility to economic operators to provide transport data to authorities in electronic format, via the use of eFTI platforms. By 2025, the Regulation mandates national authorities to accept transport data which has been shared in an electronic via an eFTI platform.   

Economic operators will be able to keep their data in any system that complies with the requirements of the regulation and the more detailed specifications that will be adopted and certified. Data does not need to be sent to authorities every time a transport operation occurs and can remain on the eFTI platform. The certification process, which is well-described in the regulation, can only be obtained from an accredited organisation in one of the Member States. Once obtained, the certification is recognised throughout the EU for the specific eFTI platform or eFTI service provider. DG MOVE is currently developing more detailed implementation specifications to ensure interoperability between eFTI platforms, which are typically owned and operated by EOs, either as big logistics operators with their own platform or by IT service providers offering their services for a fee to allow EOs to store and share their data with authorities.

Economic operators will need support to understand and use eFTI platforms. CLECAT will organise additional webinars for its members and their member companies after summer, once the first implementing and delegated act and implementing act on the data model and eFTI gate specifications will be published.