17 March 2023


On 14 March, the Air Freight Institute of CLECAT met to discuss legislative and non-legislative developments relating to the EU Aviation Acquis, as well as aviation security, sustainability, and digitalisation. During the meeting, members exchanged views the revision of the EU Slots Regulation, including CLECAT’s input and the way forward to set up a fair, transparent, and market-oriented system for the allocation of slots. Discussions were also held on the state of play in the implementation of the Import Control System 2.0 (ICS2) Release 2 for air cargo, as well as CLECAT’s initiatives in that regard. Members also received an update on the Fit for 55 aviation related files in the area of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and ETS/CORSIA.

In the afternoon, CLECAT’s Supply Chain Security Institute met to discuss developments in the area of land transport, aviation, and cybersecurity. The Institute discussed developments in cargo crime, and the way forward following the adoption of the Delegated Regulation for Safe and Secure Parking Area (SSTPA) and the announced study on SSTPA’s which was welcomed by CLECAT. The institute also noted that there is ongoing reflection on the further development of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility (AFIF) to allow for the development of high capacity recharging points and how to enhance the role of Safe and Secure Parking Places for HDVs.

Members also discussed the upcoming changes in aviation security legislation, and international developments. The meeting than largely focused on the second release of the EC’s Import Control System 2.0 (ICS2) for general air cargo launched on 1 March 2023. CLECAT had various meetings with the ICS2 team of TAXUD, Member States (and other trade associations) discussing the legal derogations for both member states and economic operators. Economic operators affected by ICS2 Release 2 and not ready to connect to the system, must request a deployment window from the competent EU Member State. The meeting further discussed the ongoing discussions between CLECAT and airlines on the ICS2 (multiple) filing.