27 October 2017

LEARN Project: Call to Participate in Logistics Emissions Measurement Trial

CLECAT and the other consortium partners of the LEARN project invite companies to test and validate the practical applicability of carbon accounting in different multi-modal logistics settings. The ‘GLEC Framework for Logistics Emissions Methodologies’ as the first universal method covering all transport modes and transhipment centers is used as a basis. TNO Sustainable Transport and Logistics (TNO STL) will lead the trials, with support from other LEARN consortium partners.

Testing duration: April 2017 and December 2018

What benefits can companies expect?

  • Support on logistics carbon accounting and reporting
    • Introduce newcomers to logistics carbon accounting and learn from other companies
    • Help prepare for logistics carbon reporting to customers
    • Help solve specific issues companies face in carbon accounting
    • Explore the use of generated data to improve reporting and decision-making
    • Identify opportunities for emission reductions
  • Recognition of companies in their carbon accounting efforts in the LEARN project
  • Influence on future carbon accounting standards and related policies

What are we asking companies to do?

  • Collaborate with existing business partners for a selected logistics supply chain to calculate the carbon footprint, based on the GLEC Framework, with support from LEARN partners
  • Allocate resources and make data available – companies retain full ownership of their data
  • Provide feedback on gaps, challenges and opportunities in applying the methodology
  • Help articulate the business case for logistics carbon accounting
  • Make main results available for a published case study
  • Give suggestions on how carbon accounting can be reflected in a label to recognize company efforts

What companies are we looking for?

  • Companies that provide or purchase freight services: carriers, freight forwarders, logistics service providers and shippers/cargo owners
  • Companies large, medium and small, single-mode or multi-modal, and from any country in the world
  • Companies with an interest in reducing the carbon footprint of freight and logistics sector – experience with logistics emissions accounting is beneficial but not a must

Interested or questions?
Please contact Aidan Flanagan at flanagan@clecat.org