27 October 2017


CLECAT is organising a panel session as part of Intermodal Europe 2017 entitled "Empowering freight forwarders, carriers and shippers to reduce their carbon footprint." The event will take place on the 29th November at RAI Amsterdam. The discussions will focus on the benefits of emissions accounting and reporting for logistics companies, which is the subject of the LEARN Project and the GLEC Framework, which will be presented during the conference. 

The LEARN project aims to build a network to promote logistics emissions accounting and reporting, investigate barriers and problems in its realisation, and testing the applicability of the GLEC Framework to real logistics operations. The GLEC Framework provides a harmonised methodology for calculation of CO2 emissions along multimodal logistics chains. 

The panel event will feature presentations of both the LEARN project and the GLEC Framework, discuss how logistics players can be motivated to begin measuring and reducing their emissions, drawing on practical experience in collaborating to measure and reduce logistics emissions.  The panel will also feature a presentation from the SELIS project, which seeks to link business, technology and capacity innovation for collaborative Green Logistics in order to deliver a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space with a clear path towards 30% reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The event will discuss how, through calculation and then exchange of logistics emissions data between relevant parties, supply chains can become fully synchromodal and thus deliver flexible, efficient, low-emission logistics.  Speakers include Anne Dubost from Heineken; Rob Zuidwijk, professor at the Rotterdam School of Management and Erasmus University ;Aidan Flanagan of CLECAT; Eszter Toth-Weedon, Smart Freight Centre; Leon Simons of Connekt, and others. CLECAT is a member of the Global Logistics Emissions Council, which has developed the GLEC Framework, and a consortium partner of both the LEARN and SELIS projects.

For further information, please see the below link.