25 July 2018

Freight Forwarders Forum 2018 - 15 November - Brussels

'Customs, Trade and Skills - What's the deal?'

On the 15th November, CLECAT returns to the World Customs Organisation for its 2018 Annual Freight Forwarders’ Forum with the theme “Customs, Trade and Skills - What’s the deal.” The Forum will highlight the importance of connecting trade, customs and skills across the EU and address challenges freight forwarders, customs agents and others in the logistics supply chain are facing. The event is organised in a practical way in 2 distinct parts:

 Morning: Future Proofing the Customs Profession

  • Factors changing the customs profession
  • Education in customs and trade compliance – are we prepared for the future?
  • How to measure and provide proof of customs competence?

 Afternoon: A Changing Customs and Trade Landscape Setting the Scene

  • Politics and populism influencing trade and customs
  • How to deal with the increase of non-fiscal customs controls ?
  • E-Commerce and Low-Value Consignments – just for express?

The Forum will discuss these questions and give first hand insights from the European Commission, WCO and industry experts. Capitalise on this unique opportunity to learn about changes in trade and customs and the impact they will have on your sector.

The outline of the programme is available here.

The conference is free to register and attend.

If you are interested to join please register here.

CLECAT has secured special rates at hotels nearby the WCO. In case you would like to make use of it, please contact Constantino Canu (canu@clecat.org) .

The Forum will also celebrate the Anniversary of CLECAT, was born in 1958, sixty years ago. From an association of 5 Members in 1958 CLECAT has expanded to become the largest organisation of its kind in Europe, with 25 members in Europe and truly multimodal. 

The FFF2018 is supported by: