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Press releases | 08 January 2008
MIF New Year's statement
The Transport Group of the Maritime Industries Forum (, of which CLECAT is an active member, has published a New Year's statement on the need for new transport infrastructure in order for Europe to cope with the expected increase in traffic. MIF New Year's statement
Press releases | 21 December 2007
European Forwarders' Chronicle - December 2007
Content: Freight Forwarders' Conference CLECAT contributions in the field of logistics CLECAT position on the internalisation of external costs CLECAT General Assembly elects new board and re-elects its President CLECAT contributions in the field of customs European Forwarders' Chronicle
Press releases | 03 December 2007
CLECAT new Board members
Following CLECAT General Assembly meeting, held on 28th November 2007 in Brussels, new Board members were elected. CLECAT new Board members
Press releases | 29 November 2007
Freight Forwarders Conference (Press release)
Following CLECAT annual freight forwarders' conference on the 27th of November 2007 the following press release was issued: CLECAT Press release
Events | 28 November 2007
CLECAT Freight Forwarders' Conference 2007
  Freight Forwarders’ Conference Tuesday 27 November 2007 Brussels Diamant Conference Centre     Over 100 delegates attended CLECAT Freight Forwarders' Conference in order to listen to and participate in discussions on the theme: Sustainable Logistics: an environment for better business Jean-Claude Delen  CLECAT President President opening address Morning session Sustainable logistics: no panacea but a helpful hand in addressing the problems of congestion and insufficient infrastructure Gordon Wright (IRU) moderator Dirk Sterckx Member of the European Parliament Summary speech Mr. Sterckx Inés Ayala-Sender Member of the European Parliament Summary speech Ms. Ayala Sender Matthias Ruete Director-General, DG TREN Summary speech Mr. Ruete ******************** Afternoon session Sustainanility in logistics networks: what is the work ahead to achieve sustainable logistics in the EU transport policy? What help is to be expected from ICT and simplification? Are logistic service providers the operational Single Window for EU trade? John Edwards (IATA) Moderator Jack Short  Secretary General, International Transport Forum Presentation Mr Short Manuel Medina Ortega Member of the European Parliament Summary speech Mr. Medina Ortega Jan-Eric Sundgren Sr. Vice-President Global Public Affairs, Volvo Presentation Mr Sundgren Erica Kronhöffer Director Sustainable Affairs, Green Cargo AB Presentation Ms Kronhöffer Frank Machiels Group Logistics Manager, Smurfit Kappa Group Presentation Mr Machiels
Press releases | 06 November 2007
CLECAT welcomes Commission's plan to create rail freight oriented network
CLECAT has issued a press release expressing its support for the European Commission's plan to create a rail freight oriented network. Please click on the link below to view our press release: CLECAT Press Release
Press releases | 09 July 2007
CLECAT establishes Sustainable Logistics working group!
On the 5th of July 2007 CLECAT established a working group on sustainable logistics. Please note the content of our press release for further information. CLECAT Press Release
Events | 06 June 2007
ESPO Conference, 31 May - 1 June, Algeciras
CLECAT attended the annual conference of ESPO (European Sea Ports Organisation) which coincided with the closure of the Commission's consultation on a future EU seaport policy. The conference included 3 consultation sessions to wich CLECAT contributed: - Sustainable develoment of seaports and hinterland connections - Strengthening the performance of seaports as intermodal nodal points - Ensuring transparency and fair competition in and between seaports CLECAT statements
Press releases | 11 May 2007
CLECAT contribution to workshop on Logistics
CLECAT Director General Mr. Marco Leonardo Sorgetti attended a Commission workshop on logistics on the 8th of May 2007 and gave a brief address on CLECAT's position on this issue: Mr. Sorgetti's address
Events | 24 April 2007
Logistics and Port Policy
CLECAT Director General Mr. Marco Leonardo Sorgetti attended the 5th Commission workshop on future EU port policy on the 19th and 20th of April in Naples. Mr. Sorgetti gave a presentation at the workshop entitled "Logistics and Port Policy". CLECAT Presentation