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Events | 25 April 2013
i-Cargo Workshop on Logistic Data Infrastructures
The iCargo project is organising a workshop on logistic data infrastructures in Munich, Germany, on the 4th of June. The workshop will deal with the challenges, potential solutions and busness models that are associated with logistic data infrastructures. CLECAT is a consortium partner of the iCargo project. The project acts on the assumption that logistics represents a vital link between the economies in Europe and is fundamental to conduct business in today's international supply networks. At the same time novel ICT infrastructures offer unprecedented capabilities to capture, analyze and exchange data across the supply chain. Through the intelligent use of information, the potential of global logistics networks can be maximized, reducing the underutilization of logistics resources and the ecological as well as economical impacts of this underutilization.   CLECAT recommends all members and interested parties to register for and participate in the event.   More information on the agenda and how to register is available here.
Press releases | 17 April 2013
CLECAT publishes Guide on Calculating GHG emissions for Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services
CLECAT has published today a guide entitled ‘Calculating GHG emissions for freight forwarders and logistics services'. The guide is a practical tool for freight forwarders and logistics service providers that seek to make use of the recently published CEN standard(1) in order to determine their environmental footprint and seek ways to reduce it.CLECAT is convinced that this standardised calculation methodology will benefit industry, facilitate communication on the results and enable comparisons of energy consumptions and GHG emissions of different transport operations realised by companies.
Press releases | 21 March 2013
CLECAT welcomes Court decision in Italy on minimum safety costs in Road Transport
The European Freight Forwarders' Organisation, CLECAT, has welcomed a decision from the Italian Regional Administrative Court regarding the controversial system of the minimum safety costs governing the national road transport sector in Italy since 2008. Following appeals from a number of Italian associations representing industry, freight forwarding and logistics, who argued that the system is not compliant with EU competition law, the Court decided last Friday to refer the case to the European Court of Justice.  CLECAT and its members are hopeful that the European Court will judge that the national law is not compatible with the cornerstones of the internal market, in particular the free circulation of enterprise, right of establishment and freedom to provide services and with the EU competition rules (art 49 and 56, 96, 101 TFEU).
Events | 15 March 2013
CLECAT supports TOC Container Supply Chain: Europe 2013
The TOC Container Supply Chain Europe exhibition and conferences attract over 2000 industry professionals from more than 30 countries, including senior executives from throughout the container supply chain: shippers, 3PLs/NVOCCs, shipping lines, ports, terminals, inland transport, finance and other stakeholder groups.
Press releases | 20 February 2013
CLECAT disappointed by lack of benefits in trade security agreement
CLECAT, the European Association for forwarding, transport, logistic and Customs services, is disappointed by some of the small print concerning the full implementation of mutual recognition for the USA’s and European Union’s trade security programmes.  Details on the implementation recently published by DG TAXUD of the European Commission - “US-EU Mutual Recognition Decision, Frequently Asked Questions” - confirm that freight forwarders and customs brokers which are AEO-accredited will not benefit from the reduced risk scores under the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA).
Press releases | 05 February 2013
CLECAT urges European leaders to safeguard Transport Infrastructure Budget
In anticipation of the EU Summit later this week in Brussels, CLECAT, the European organisation of freight forwarders and logistics service providers, is calling on European Heads of State and Government to guarantee the 31.7 billion Euro foreseen for Europe's transport infrastructure investments under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). European leaders will be making another attempt, following failure to reach agreement in November last year, to make a deal on the Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF), the overall European budget for the years 2014-2020 and the budgets to be allocated to the different policies.
Press releases | 31 January 2013
CLECAT has mixed feelings on 4th Railway Package
CLECAT has welcomed the publication of the long awaited 4th Railway Package but is, however,  disappointed with the fact that the Commission has backtracked from its initial intention to impose separation of the infrastructure management and railway operations.  The new proposal allows incumbent operators to keep their holding structures, making separation ‘optional’. 
Press releases | 30 November 2012
Freight Forwarders Forum calls for more balance in security and trade facilitation
A need to strike a careful balance between effectively fighting crime and terrorism while facilitating trade, was among the conclusions drawn from the panel discussions at the first Freight Forwarders Forum organised by CLECAT in Brussels yesterday.
Press releases | 29 November 2012
CLECAT calls for an ambitious 4th Railway package
In anticipation of the 4th Railway package, which is expected to be adopted by the Commission before the end of year, CLECAT calls on the Commission to be forceful in bringing about the genuine separation of infrastructure from operations.
Press releases | 26 November 2012
CLECAT to lead freight forwarders panel at Intermodal Europe 2012
CLECAT, will be leading a panel debate at Intermodal Europe 2012 in Amsterdam on the 27th of November. Nicolette van der Jagt, Director General of CLECAT will be moderating the panel in a conference session titled 'Logistics Partnering in Practice: Challenges facing the dynamic freight forwarding industry'. The panel will bring together a distinguished panel of experts in the freight transport industry who will discuss the development of intelligent cargo to improve efficiency and sustainability and the management of complex supply chains through intelligent IT systems. They will give some insight on their expectations with regard to innovation and market trends and how all of these might affect operations in the future.