03 November 2023


On 25 October, CLECAT participated to the ZEFES Stakeholder Symposium, which took place in IDIADA premises in Santa Oliva (Spain). The meeting was aimed to take stock of the progress made on the ZEFES project and prepare for the demonstration real-world applications of long-distance freight transport with zero-emission trucks across Europe.

The ZEFES (Zero Emission flexible vehicle platforms with modular powertrains serving the long-haul Freight Eco System) project gathers over 30 partners from the whole logistics supply chain (OEMs, shippers, logistics operators and research partners) working toward the integration of ZEVs for long distance heavy transport. In 2025, nine different vehicle concepts (5 BEV and 4 FCEV) will run over 1 million kilometres across EU corridors in real daily operations, guided and validated by a digital platform developed within the project.

During the Symposium, ZEFES partners presented the first findings on the needs and requirements of the project from a logistics, legislative, and energy infrastructure perspective. ALICE presented the preliminary results of the ZEFES survey which collected responses from several road transport operators and assessed the priorities of the respondents with regards to their needs and requirements.

The ZEFES project will now enter in its second phase, when projects partners will start preparing the demonstrators and the energy infrastructure while fulfilling all requirements for the road permits.