13 October 2023


On 12 October, the European Parliament's Environment Committee adopted its draft report aimed at updating EU rules for motor vehicle type-approval and market surveillance, known as Euro 7.

The provisions outlined in the report establish more stringent exhaust emissions limits for heavy-duty vehicles, with specific compliance timelines of 60 months. The report also addresses concerns related to reducing particulate emissions resulting from brake and tire wear in all vehicle types, including electric vehicles. In addition, the existing Euro 6 regulations will remain in effect for trucks until 1 July 2031, providing sufficient time for the full implementation of Euro 7 provisions. This extension also accommodates small manufacturers, granting them until 2030/2031 to meet compliance requirements.

The report is set to be adopted during the Plenary session in November. Trilogues negotiations will then start following the Council’s adoption of its general approach at the end of September: Member States agreed to lower significantly the Commission’s ambition, noting lower emission limits and test conditions slightly adjusted for trucks compared to Euro VI. Member states also agreed to delay the implementation date by two years, from 2027 to 2029 at the earliest.

Source: European Parliament, Council of the EU