20 October 2023


On 20 October, CLECAT Rail Logistics Institute met to discuss its position on ongoing policy initiatives at EU level, including the proposal for Regulation for the use of railway infrastructure capacity in the single European railway area, the upcoming Combined Transport Directive which CLECAT hopes will be published soon and the Revision of the TEN-T Regulation.

Members engaged in exchanges on future CLECAT initiatives with regards the need to improve the quality and service performance of rail freight services and potential solutions. Members noted that the success of attracting new customers to rail freight is held back due to poor performance of rail freight services. CLECAT continues to call on actors involved in the rail freight transport system to better align their service quality with client needs, by improving punctuality, reliability, client communication and increasing dynamic innovation. Whereas CLECAT recognises that delays are often unavoidable, the impact on the supply chain should be minimized whenever possible. CLECAT continues to call on the rail freight corridors to provide an adequate, generic and comparable set of key performance indicators (KPIs) on the quality of service at regular intervals, and in consultation with the stakeholders.

Lastly, a brief discussion centred around the latest developments regarding ICS2 Release 3, which is set to impact rail economic operators.