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Press releases | 14 July 2006
European Forwarders' Chronicle - Issue 2006/02
Content: - CLECAT's upcoming conferences:           Pan-European Customs Representative's Accreditation, October 5th 2006, Brussels           Freight Forwarders' Conference, November 30th 2006, Brussels - Midterm Review of the 2001 EU Transport White Paper - Communication on Freight Transport Logistics - CLECAT Participation in public events Chronicle 2006/02
Events | 12 June 2006
CLECAT Presentation at a conference organised by BIFA its British Member Organisation
CLECAT Director General Marco Leonardo Sorgetti attened a conference organised by BIFA in London on the 24th May 2006. Mr. Sorgetti gave a presentation on behalf of CLECAT entitled "European Union & your daily work: Working together in Europe"CLECAT Presentation
Events | 08 June 2006
FETEIA Conference Sevilla May 12th 2006
Presentation by CLECAT Director General Marco Leonardo Sorgetti entitled "The Freight Forwarder: Engine of Europe, European Union & Logistics experience"FETEIA Conference presentation
Events | 08 June 2006
Ukraine's International Freight Forwarder's Day, Odessa, 30-31 May 2006
Presentation by Policy Adviser Olivier Janin entitled "Ukraine & the TEN-T: Ukrainian logistics opportunities and pitfalls on track towards EU"Presentation Odessa
Events | 06 June 2006
CLECAT Presentation to Dubai's National Association of Freight & Logistics
CLECAT Director General Mr. Marco Leonardo Sorgetti attended on behalf of CLECAT a conference in Dubai organised by the National Association of Freight & Logistics of Dubai. Mr. Sorgetti gave a presentation entitled "Freight Forwarding an evolutionary profession: Tips from the European Union"CLECAT Presentation 
Events | 26 April 2006
Consultation Workshop on Logistics, April 25th 2006
Statement by Mr. Sorgetti, Director-General of CLECAT, at the Consultation Workshop on "Logistics for promoting freight intermodality" that took place on April 25th 2006.Workshop Logistics - CLECAT Speech
Press releases | 11 April 2006
EU/US Investigation in Airline Fuel Surcharges
Surcharges must find a place to land!Press Release 2006/03
Press releases | 07 April 2006
Commission consultation on airport policy
Covert cartel concoction in air?Press Release 2006/02
Events | 30 March 2006
Inland Navigation Summit, 14-15 February 2006, Vienna
Statement by Mr. Sorgetti, Director-General of CLECAT, at the Inland Navigation Summit that took place in Vienna on February 14th-15th 2006.CLECAT Statement on Inland Navigation
Press releases | 27 March 2006
Commission's consultation on logistics & intermodality
"If you like honey, do not disturb the bees!": a reply to the European Commission's Consultation on "Logistics for Promoting Freight Intermodality"Press Release 2006/001