15 January 2020

CLECAT Position Paper - Moving from Low-Emission to Zero-Emission Logistics

CLECAT has published a position paper outlining the needs and objectives of European freight forwarders and logistics service providers with respect to sustainable logistics in the era of the European Green Deal for transport.

CLECAT firmly believes that smart, innovative and efficiency-driven solutions are needed to accommodate the rising demand for freight transport rather than attempting to restrain it. Such carefully designed solutions would contribute to effective transport emissions reduction while preserving the competitiveness of the EU.

A holistic approach combining voluntary transport decarbonisation objectives, increased efficiency of logistics practices, fair internalisation of transport externalities, development of sustainable alternative fuels and respective infrastructure, as well as adequate financing of sustainable transport and logistics solutions, should therefore form the basis of any current and future policy at both the EU and national level.

The paper may be downloaded via the link below.