15 September 2023

CLECAT policy response on CountEmissions EU

CLECAT, the European Association for Forwarding, Transport, Logistics and Customs Services welcomes the Commission proposal aiming to establish a common European framework for calculating GHG emissions of transport operations in the freight and passenger transport sector, the so-called CountEmissions EU initiative.

The freight forwarding sector is of the view that much can be achieved to support the transport and logistics sector to reduce its emissions but only with the correct market-based and supportive instruments. Given that logistics service providers, freight forwarders often have no transport assets of their own, their objective is to pursue an emissions reduction strategy which engages with many different sub-contractors as they are responsible for the large part of direct emissions. This timely Commission initiative would enable transport operators to accurately calculate, monitor and compare their emissions giving transport users an estimate of the carbon footprint for their different transport and delivery options, facilitating behavioural change.

This paper provides some recommendations and suggestions for amendments to the proposal in order to maximise the potential benefits of a single EU framework for monitoring and reporting GHG emissions data from transport operations.