05 June 2012

Press Release: Rail Recast vote sends right signals

CLECAT is pleased with progress that has been made on the “Rail Recast” following the vote in the Transport Committee of the European Parliament yesterday.

Nicolette van der Jagt, Director General of CLECAT said: “European Freight Forwarders, as users of rail freight services, do believe that the success in achieving an increased share of rail freight in the future depends on fair competition and open access in the rail freight market through the development of sound business models and efficient internal management. This must be achievable within the framework of a modern rail market legislation. It is impossible to achieve this without separate accounting for railway undertakings and rail network managers, non-discriminatory access to rail paths and service facilities and transparent pricing. The vote in the EP yesterday is a step in this direction.”

She continued: “We also appreciate the strong efforts of the European Parliament in favour of a clear and concrete strengthening of Regulatory Bodies to oversee fairness and efficient management in the industry. However, in the long run, a European regulator should be put in place. This is also the view of the European Parliament but unfortunately there are many reservations in the Council. We are however confident that the EU institutions will deliver a final text at the end of this legislative procedure, which is hopefully before summer recess, that will create a sound basis for new initiatives from the European Commission in its upcoming 4th Railway Package.”

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Nicolette van der Jagt
Director General

Rue du Commerce 77
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