01 November 2010

Supply-Chain Security Compliance Handbook

The aim of this handbook is to provide freight forwarding companies with a practical guide, to show them which security initiatives they have to be aware of, which of them are mandatory, if they want to legally conduct their business, and to show where they can get further information on how to comply with security rules. 

CLECAT has always acknowledged the importance and necessity of a functioning security programme, which besides protecting infrastructure, assets and different interests has in the protection of citizens its main objective. This is not only essential to counter possible acts of terrorism, but also to benefit from the additional advantages that a security programme may bring to day-to-day business: theft prevention, decreasing insurance costs, advantages granted by Customs (faster clearance of goods, less/no screening, less documentation, smaller financial guarantees), etc. Whilst fortunately cargo operations have not been the target of terrorist actions so far, there is no certainty that the cargo supply chain may not be used to perpetrate such actions. The reason why this document is created is to provide some guidance to CLECAT Members in an area where it is increasingly difficult to avoid losing orientation and where it becomes increasingly easy to embark in time consuming (and often very costly) endeavours for little or no avail. We shall try to keep a practical style and we shall be pleased to prepare new versions of it in future, by inserting our Members’ observations as well by disposing of information which has become obsolete.

For more information, please download the latest version in the attachment.