11 February 2022

CLECAT Position Paper on Draft Delegated Act for Safe and Secure Parking Areas

CLECAT highly appreciates the European Commission’s work on Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas (SSTPAs) and welcomes the adoption of the draft Delegated Regulation on SSTPAs. We fully support the EU SSTPA Standard and believe that it is needed to address the urgent demand for truck parking areas in the EU, by offering sufficient parking possibilities for drivers, which are of high quality and provide the desired amount of security. In that regard, we believe that a harmonised EU Standard will be key to successfully address the existing shortcomings.

Whilst welcoming the draft Delegated Regulation, which has been the result of intense collaboration between the European Commission’s DG MOVE and the Expert Group on SSTPAs, of which CLECAT is a member, CLECAT has identified some areas which would require changes to appropriately address the problems posed by cargo theft in the EU. The attached position paper sets out the concerns and recommendations of CLECAT with regards to the draft Delegated Regulation on Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas.