01 December 2017

CLECAT Position paper on Digital Transport and Logistics

On the occasion of the EU Digital Transport Days, which took place in Tallin from 8-10 November, CLECAT has published a position paper on Digitalisation in Transport and Logistics. CLECAT's position paper gives the views of freight forwarders on digitalisation in transport and logistics, and contributes to ongoing initiatives such as the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF).

CLECAT commends the achievements of the DTLF since its establishment by the European Commission in 2015, particularly the consensus among commercial and national stakeholders that the digital exchange of data within the supply chain is the way forward. The paper makes a number of recommendations to the DTLF and the European Commission in support of a swift move to a fully digital transport environment, which maximises the potential benefits for both the public and private sector:

CLECAT's position paper on Digital Transport and Logistics is available below