13 October 2023

CLECAT position paper on the Customs Reform Proposal of the EC

CLECAT, the European Association of Freight Forwarders, Logistics service providers and Customs Agents, agrees with the need to modernise the EU customs system, at a time when business suffers from diverging local practices and a lack of harmonised treatment between national customs authorities.  CLECAT observes that the European Commission has in its Communication ‘taking the Customs Union to the next level’ (May 2023) proposed new and bold concepts seeking to better ensure a cohesive and harmonized interpretation of the rules across the EU and to better equip it to face current global challenges and protect the Single Market. 

CLECAT agrees with the need to reform EU but remains very concerned about the consequences of the proposal for SME importers/exporters as well as SME customs representatives. This relates in particular to the future role of intermediaries who have an important role in the logistics supply chain of many European businesses.  CLECAT is appreciative of the opportunity to provide comments on the draft proposals and has offered a comprehensive overview of its reflections on the reform in its position paper, including proposals for change.