23 November 2015

Press Release - Freight Forwarders Forum 2015: Driving the Maritime Supply Chain Forward

Organised at the Port of Antwerp, CLECAT, the European Association for forwarding, transport, logistics and customs services, held its 15th annual event on 19 November. Under the theme ‘Driving the Maritime Supply Chain Forward’, a range of questions were debated, covering strategic and operational challenges for the evolving maritime supply chain. Debating the challenges of bigger ships for logistics, Nicolette van der Jagt, Director General of CLECAT, noted: “It is clear that the maritime supply chain is in a constant state of evolution, creating opportunities and challenges for freight forwarders. The development of bigger ships has a knock-on effect on the logistics chain, which requires innovation and collaboration in order to maintain and increase the efficiency of the supply chain. An effective supply chain cannot have its actors thinking in silos. By working together with other supply chain parties to innovate and create new services, freight forwarders will remain a vital part of the maritime logistics environment.”

The Press Release of the FFF 15 is available here