15 March 2018

Industry associations Joint Paper on Combined Transport

Along with a group of key European stakeholders, CLECAT signed up to a Position Paper in support of the review of the Combined Transport Directive a few days before the European Commission High-level Conference on European Multimodal Freight Transport in Sofia on 20th March.  The statement notes that the new proposal to revise the Combined Transport Directive offers good grounds to encourage the use of combined transport in order to achieve a more resource efficient transport and logistics network. 

The review is an important initiative of the Multimodal year and CLECAT is pleased to present the role of freight forwarders and the regional challenges for freight forwarders at the upcoming conference in Sofia. Nicolette van der Jagt, Director General of CLECAT noted that connectivity is key to this: "Multi-modal transport and freight logistics can only become more efficient and sustainable when the full range of infrastructure requirements (including terminals, seamless connections of all modes, ICT systems etc.) are in place all along the transport routes", she said. "This is of vital importance to enabling seamless transport chains across modes and future-oriented logistics solutions, and to stimulate the shift of long-distance traffic from road to rail, inland waterways and maritime transport."

The paper may be found below.