16 October 2015

Freight Stakeholders call for open dialogue on wagonload services

CEFIC, CEPI, CER, CLECAT, EFIP, ESC, ESPO and UIP have issued a joint position on wagonload transport which has been sent to the European Commission.

Wagonload is of crucial importance to certain European industries and freight forwarders would like to have access to the services. In spite of its importance, wagonload is declining and could disappear altogether in some European countries. This was one of the main conclusions of the study on wagonload traffic in Europe carried out by PwC on behalf of DG MOVE in 2014.

The associations recall the urgency of taking action to prevent wagonload services from further decline. While market-driven solutions are crucial, policy intervention and support is also needed. In view of this, the associations have started an open dialogue on the need to revitalise wagonload services. The joint paper outlining some recommendations serves as the basis and a starting point for further dialogue and action at policy and operational levels.

The joint position is available here.