04 July 2018

CLECAT Calls for New Efforts to Ensure Sensible, Balanced Legislation for Road Transport

The European Parliament rejected today a set of legislative proposals on posting of workers, cabotage and driving and rest times.  

Nicolette van der Jagt, Director General of CLECAT, said: ‘It is unfortunate that there was no majority for the TRAN compromise on the market and social issues which was the result of long and intense discussions in the TRAN Committee and with the sector. This ensured a balanced series of reports and careful consideration of the cross-border nature of international road transport.’

‘But we would rather increase our efforts in support of sensible legislation to convince those who lack understanding of the exact nature of international transport, than risk creating chaos and a patchwork of protectionism and liberalisation.’

With more than 50 associations in Europe supporting the exclusion of international transport from the posting proposal, CLECAT will continue to support endeavours to achieve balanced, proportionate and enforceable rules for the transport and logistics sector. 

Ms van der Jagt continued: ‘It is quite clear that we have convinced many MEPs that applying posting rules to international transport would be an unenforceable and disproportionate measure that will not solve any of the issues which currently challenge the transport market. On the contrary, the application of such rules will likely cause a growth in self-employed drivers with no social protection.

It is a shame that it is now very doubtful whether an agreement will be struck before the European elections in 2019 which would prevent the continued imposition of national posting regimes.’