29 November 2012

CLECAT calls for an ambitious 4th Railway package

In anticipation of the 4th Railway package, which is expected to be adopted by the Commission before the end of year, CLECAT calls on the Commission to be forceful in bringing about the genuine separation of infrastructure from operations.

Nicolette van der Jagt, Director General of CLECAT said that 'the Commission can count on the support of the logistics and freight forwarding industry promoting fair and free market competition in the area of rail freight transport.' At last week's Transport Business Summit Commissioner Siim Kallas called in for an end to protectionism in rail transport by breaking up the national monopolies and 'cosy relationships with the state', calling for industry support for change and modernisation.

Ms van der Jagt continued: 'Separation is not an end in itself but a means to encourage competition. The integrated holding models in the rail sector often entail privileged 'ownership-type' relationships between the incumbent undertaking and the infrastructure managers. In this business model it is often hard to make objective decisions when demand exceeds supply or capacity, since IMs are bound to give preference to their own operator's business interests over that of competitors. We are convinced that separation will facilitate and support operational collaboration and management coordination to ensure a seamless, efficient service exists across the widest possible rail freight network. Operational collaboration works in air freight, international shipping and logistics; it will work for rail freight to optimise the use of assets and extend the range of sustainable services.'

Please find the position paper on CLECAT expectations on the 4th Railway Package here.

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