07 January 2022


In December 2021, the World Customs Organization (WCO) released the WCO Data Model version 3.11.0 on a new publication platform: the WCO DM app. The WCO DM package published in the DM app is available free of charge to all interested parties, including WCO Members, partner international organizations and private sector stakeholders.

The WCO DM app interactively displays WCO DM components and aims to enhance the user experience of working with the WCO DM. In doing so, it helps users navigate through different WCO DM data objects, such as classes, data elements and information models. In addition to incorporating changes requested by WCO Members through the regular maintenance procedure, version 3.11.0 introduces two new Message Implementation Guides (MIGs) – for implementing the IMO Compendium and WCO-UPU Joint Message Standards.

Making the WCO DM free of charge opens new possibilities for economic operators to incorporate the WCO DM into their commercial operations. Such alignment will enable a smooth flow of information throughout the different steps in supply chain processes; re-use of available data by various supply chain parties, particularly regulatory agencies; track and trace; access to supply chain data from multiple sources; and increased predictability and data quality.

Source: World Customs Organization