17 March 2023


On 16 and 17 March CLECAT joined the Electronic Customs Coordination Group (ECCG) held jointly with the Trade Contact Group (TCG). Various updates were received including updates on CBAM, ICS2 and UCC IT implementation.

In this regard, reference was made to the recent progress report on the development of the electronic systems provided for under Article 278a of the Union Customs Code (UCC). 

Member States continue to face challenges and risks in ensuring the deployment of the UCC electronic systems by the specified deadlines. Despite the measures taken (e.g. closer monitoring by the Commission, additional resources by the Member States), a majority of the Member States have not been able to mitigate properly the risks and delays did actually occur for the national entry and import projects which were envisaged to be deployed at the latest by 31 December 2022. The EC has recently granted extensions of the systems’ deployment deadlines for:

  • Notification of Arrival, Temporary Storage, Presentation Notification,
  • National Import Systems Upgrade (including Special Procedures – import),
  • Import Control System 2 – Release 2. 

Progress is also at risk for the trans-European systems NCTS - Phase 5, Automated Export System and Centralised Clearance at Import as a few Member States reported delays in their developments of the national components for these projects. The Commission has encouraged Member States to avoid further spill-over of delays on other projects and to avoid failing to meet the overall legal deadline of 31 December 2025.

Source DG TAXUD News