01 December 2023


On 29 November, the TRAN Committee of the European Parliament in Brussels discussed the draft report on the Rail Capacity Regulation presented by the Rapporteur, MEP Tilly Metz (Greens, Luxembourg). The draft report proposal aims to enhance the role of infrastructure users, establish a clearer governance structure, and propose a more ambitious implementation plan.

The Rapporteur stressed the urgent need to decarbonise the transport sector, noting that it is the only sector experiencing an increase in emissions in the EU. While welcoming the Commission's proposal, she argued that a more ambitious proposal was needed to achieve the goal of increasing rail freight by 50% by 2030. She stressed the importance of not only building new infrastructure but also maximising the efficiency of existing infrastructure, underscoring the importance of providing flexibility to freight services and ensuring the full utilisation of booked rail paths.

CLECAT welcomes the draft report, as it strengthens the role of infrastructure users, introduces a clearer governance structure and a more ambitious implementation plan. At the same time, it is appreciated that Rapporteur aims for a distinct separation of powers, empowering the ENRRB (European Network of Rail Regulatory Bodies) to oversee the functioning of ENIM independently. Lastly, CLECAT also welcomes a new provision to ensure that Infrastructure Managers (IMs) must offer alternative capacity beyond their supply plans, ensuring increased flexibility to meet market demands.

The TRAN Committee aims to formalise its position early next year before the European elections.