25 August 2023


As of 1 December 2023, Sweden will allow longer high-capacity vehicles, up to 34.5 meters in length, on approximately 590 kilometres of state roads. Today, the maximum length for trucks in Sweden is 25.25 metres. During Spring this year, the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) carried out consultations with stakeholders and municipalities.   

The Swedish Transport Administration has noted that the 590 kilometres road network will lead to a more efficient freight transport that will reduce emissions. According to Administration's calculations, allowing longer trucks can reduce energy consumption from heavy vehicles by 4-6 per cent, but up to 30 per cent on individual vehicles. This applies to all types of fuel such as electricity, biogas, hydrogen or diesel.

By allowing HCVs, Sweden is following the example of neighbouring Finland, where 34.5-metre-long vehicles have been allowed on the road since 2019. 

CLECAT welcomes the news that the Swedish government wants to open up for transports with longer vehicle combinations. This will lead to more sustainable, more efficient and competitive transport for the benefit of society and industry.

Source: The Swedish Transport Administration